10 Benefits of Light Therapy For a [Healthy Life]

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benefits of light therapy

All of us want to look toned and fit. With the change in times and the health uncertainties that numerous people are facing, it is more than necessary to be in the best of health conditions. One of the easiest ways to enhance yourself and get numerous health benefits is to make use of light therapy. Go through this blog to learn more about the benefits of light therapy.

The market size of the global light therapy was estimated to be $1 billion in 2020. It is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% in the upcoming years.

What is Light Therapy?

Laser light therapy is a procedure that makes use of light energy to offer numerous health benefits. It is a completely non-invasive procedure. Light therapy makes use of light which emits wavelengths of blue, red and infrared light. This penetrates nearly 1 to 2 inches into the skin. 

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Light therapy Treatment is majorly being made use of for skin restoration and body contouring procedures. It is popularly used for fat reduction and inch loss. It also renders numerous health benefits. 

How Does Light Therapy Work? 

Light therapy works by making use of a Photo Pulsation Chamber. Photo pulsation is a technique through which the light waves emitted at a broad spectrum of 500 to 6500 NM in wavelength pass through the skin tissues and destroy the body’s fat cells. It also has numerous benefits like boosting the metabolism and blood circulation, activating the skin cells, rejuvenating the body, and much more. This treatment is curated for every individual as per their body type and medical conditions. The results also differ for each individual. 

10 Benefits of Light Therapy At VeCura Wellness

benefits of light therapy at vecura

10. Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Cells 

Struggling with stubborn fat cells that wouldn’t go off, no matter whatever you do? This is exactly where light therapy comes into play. The broad spectrum of light waves generated penetrates into the skin and reaches the epidermis. The high power and intensity of the light waves heat up the skin tissues and destroy the fat cells within. Thus facilitating fat loss. It takes a couple of days for the body to show visible results. 

9. It Works Well for Weight Loss

Light therapy works well to promote fat reduction and enhance the weight loss process. Targeted weight loss is one of the promising results of light therapy. The VeCura Wellness light therapy treatment is an effective mechanism for localised fat loss procedures. Light therapy helps improve your skin from the inside out, treat large areas of the skin tremendously, and help achieve desired weight loss results.

8. It Safeguards The Cardiovascular System 

Keeping the cardiovascular system intact is the ticket to living a healthier and longer life. Light therapy is found to enhance the functionality of a specific gene within the body that is found to protect the blood vessels and act rightly towards preventing heart attack. The light waves produced in this light therapy are a boon to those who have a family history of cardiovascular problems, as taking up this procedure can help them keep themselves healthy. 

7. Promotes Better Sleep And Aids in Curing Insomnia 

It is no doubt that when you are in good health, you get sound sleep and vice versa. However, light therapy will aid you in both. On the other hand, it is found that the sleep-wake cycle or the regulation of circadian rhythm is connected to light and darkness during day and night. Similarly, exposure to the light waves from the light therapy helps fix the sleep pattern and can actually be a great help for those suffering from insomnia. 

6. Maintains the Elasticity of the Muscle Fibres 

Muscle and joint pain has become a very common concern, and seeing people take treatments for these chronic ailments has become a usual sight. It is found the light waves emitted through the light therapy right maintain the elasticity of the muscle fibres. This will, in turn, help in keeping the muscles and joints intact, thereby preventing chronic pain and ailments. 

5. It Benefits in Inch loss and Weight Loss

 The Photo Pulsation Chamber is beneficial for body contouring and body rejuvenation. The PPC treatment using the IRR therapy simultaneously helps in inch loss and weight loss. It helps to eliminate stubborn fat loss, restore the elasticity of muscle fibre, absorb optical waves, and ensure body shaping. The PPC treatment provided at VeCura Wellness is one of the best light therapy treatments for inch loss in Chennai. 

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4. Light Therapy is Found to Help With Depression and Anxiety

Mental health problems matter as much as physical health problems. Depression and anxiety are the major culprits that are silently prevailing in society. Light therapy is found to stimulate mind cells and enhance moods. It is known that light therapy is found to fix sleep problems, boost energy levels and keep the mind, body and health intact. These are the key elements to curing depression and anxiety. Light therapy can be one of the best ways out for those suffering from depression and anxiety. 

3. Boosts Your Appetite and Enhances Digestion

Struggling with a poor metabolism? Well, light therapy can firmly aid you in this as well. Light therapy is apparently found to regulate the hormones leptin and ghrelin. These are the hormones that are involved in metabolism and keep the digestive system in a well-functioning state. For those suffering from digestion problems, seeking light therapy with the guidance of a physician can help a great deal. 

2. Known to Rejuvenate Your Skin and Body 

One of the greatest benefits of taking light therapy is that it stimulates the activities of the body and skin cells. It is also found to stimulate the production of collagen, which is a primary protein in maintaining the strength, elasticity and structure of the skin. This can help rejuvenate the damaged skin cells and enhance the texture of your skin. It is also found to greatly reduce skin irritation and inflammation. The specific red light waves are majorly found to enhance the functioning of the cells and tissues in the skin and body.

1. It is Found to Boost Energy Levels 

Ever noticed that after a quick walk in the morning sunlight, you feel refreshed and energetic? Well, light therapy exactly replicates the same. Light therapy produces 10,000 LUX of light. This is exactly the amount of sunlight which our body requires to function well and be energetic on a daily basis. This will aid your body in generating serotonin which will boost your body’s energy levels. 

The above are a few of the benefits of making use of light therapy to develop a healthy life. VeCura Wellness is India’s first-ever Photo Pulsation Chamber and is one of the trusted places to get a safe light therapy procedure. 

Will you be willing to take up light therapy? If there are any suggestions or queries, let us know in the comments below. 

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