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About Heat Therapy

What is Heat Therapy?

Deep heat therapy is a scientifically proven treatment to reduce body fat. During heat therapy, the intermolecular temperature of fat cells increases, which helps in fat loss and binds fat between tissues and muscles of the treatment area. This will result in the melting of the fat cells through lymphatic drainage.

Heat Therapy at VeCura Wellness


At VeCura, Heat Therapy treatment is carried out by certified and well-trained wellness experts completely safely. The machine used for heat therapy will rapidly increase the skin temperature and burn calories to reduce your body fat. VeCura’s Cellulite Heat Therapy can accelerate chemical changes within the epithelial cells to break down the fat droplets. Liposomes will dispose of these fat droplets as waste through the lymphatic system.

You will feel the toxins being swept away from your body when this is done, giving a soothing feeling. Your muscles will feel relaxed and body fat considerably reduced.

Benefits of Heat Therapy

  • Instantly burns calories

  • Reduces body fat

  • Free of side effects

  • Zero Downtime & Recovery Time

  • Stress reduction

  • Relaxation of muscles

  • Alleviates chronic pain

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • 1.Does deep heat help burn fat?
  • Deep heat is a process that loosens the fat cell by increasing the temperature of the fat cells, which in turn results in the breaking down of the binding of the tissues and muscles. This enhances the slimming process. If you are looking for heat therapy treatment in Chennai, head to VeCura. It is one of the best scientific slimming centres that will help you lose weight the scientific way.
  • 2.Can you lose weight with deep heat?
  • Yes, you can lose weight with deep heat. If you are looking to lose weight the easier yet safe way, consider deep heat therapy for weight loss. It increases blood circulation and improves metabolism, thereby helping you burn more calories. VeCura, one of the best slimming clinics in Chennai, offers the most effective weight loss treatments. Get in touch with them for more details at www.vecurawellness.com.
  • 3.How long does deep heat treatment take to work?
  • The duration of deep heat treatments depends on the patient and their condition. Head to VeCura wellness clinic to take up heat therapy for weight loss. The wellness experts at VeCura will assess various vitals of your body before suggesting the right treatment for you. For more details, visit www.vecurawellness.com.
  • 4.Does heat therapy for weight loss have side effects?
  • Taking up heat therapy for weight loss involves very minimal to no side effects. A person’s reaction to heat therapy depends on their body’s condition. If you are looking to take up heat therapy treatment in Chennai, VeCura is the best bet. Being one of the best slimming clinics in the city, VeCura offers an array of weight-loss treatments handled by experienced wellness experts. For more details, visit www.vecurawellness.com.