Everything You Need To Know About Cryolipolysis Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About Cryolipolysis Treatment

Do you have plans to undergo cryolipolysis treatment? Then, you would for sure have numerous doubts. Go through this blog to know everything you need to know about cryolipolysis treatment and more.

All of us want to look toned, fit, and at the best of our shape. But no matter how hard we try, there are a few stubborn fat bulges that we simply can’t get rid of. So, what exactly do we do about this? This is where the concept of cryolipolysis treatment comes into play. Cryolipolysis is a popular aesthetic procedure to reduce the deposit of stubborn fat in various areas of the body. 

What is Cryolipolysis? 

Crypolipolysis is nothing but a body contouring treatment that helps get rid of the excess and unwanted fat in certain parts of the body by making use of the freezing technique. 

Cryolipolysis treatment is a non-invasive, advanced procedure and needs to be performed by well experienced and certified wellness expert. Cryolipolysis is generally carried out when fat deposits in certain parts of the body are stubborn and won’t go away even after rigorous workouts and proper diets.  

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Why is it Called Cryolipolysis?

Cryo is a term that refers to ‘icy cold’, and the term lipolysis is termed for the process that ‘freezes and eliminates fat’. In this procedure, the fat cells are exposed to cold temperatures and frozen, and the treatment is the name cryolipolysis. 

What is the Procedure Involved in Cryolipolysis?

  • The area in which the fat reduction is aimed is marked. 
  • Later, a layer of gel is applied to the area. 
  • Now, the cooling applicator is placed on the area, and this helps isolate the fat deposits. 
  • These isolated fat deposits are pulled in through a vacuum seal and exposed to cold temperatures.
  • The fat freezes at a low temperature (-11 degrees) and crystallizes the fat cells.
  • These crystallized fat cells are eliminated from the body within 90 days naturally. 
  • Nearly 90 days after treatment, one can experience 20 to 25% fat loss 
  • These frozen fat cells will never grow back, and this is a long-lasting fat reduction procedure 

How Long Does it Take For The Procedure?

The duration of the procedure depends on the particular spot under treatment. Each spot takes around 35-40 minutes. 

Does Cryolipolysis Show Immediate Results? 

No, it does not show immediate results, but it does show guaranteed results. Cryolipolysis treatment takes some time to show results. The results can slowly start to show up 2 to 3 weeks after taking the procedure. However, to witness the maximum results of the cryolipolysis treatment, it would take 90 days, during which you can experience 20- 25% fat loss. 

What Are The Areas of Fat That Cryolipolysis Treatment Helps Reduce?

  • Chin
  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Tighs 
  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • Underarms 
  • Upper arms and more 

Is Cryolipolysis Safe? 

Yes, Cryolipolysis is one of the safest and most effective body contouring procedures. Cryolipolysis is an exclusive treatment for non-surgical fat loss After undergoing the cryolipolysis treatment, one can get back to their normal routine immediately as there is no downtime involved to recoup after the treatment. Very few people experience minimal downtime, and this can be effectively treated and handled with the help of a wellness expert. 

Do Many People Opt For Cryolipolysis? 

Yes, cryolipolysis is actively opted by numerous people to reduce stubborn fat and refrain from body bulges. Not just for fat reduction, cryolipolysis is an effective solution for skin tightening, body reshaping, cellulite reduction, and boosting blood circulation as well. 

Benefits of Cryolipolysis 

  • It helps get rid of stubborn fat, which is not possible through other means. 
  • It is a non-surgical procedure and is highly effective.
  • There is no downtime involved. However, very few who experience side effects can effectively get better with the wellness expert’s help. 
  • The treatment procedure doesn’t take a lot of time.
  • There is absolutely no downtime and recovery period after the procedure. 
  • Highly visible results after just one session.
  • The treatment can be performed on various body parts. 
  • It is a permanent solution, and the fat cells do not grow back. 

How Much Does Cryolipolysis Treatment Cost? 

The cost of the cryolipolysis treatment depends on various factors and differs as per each person. The cryolipolysis treatment and its costs are influenced by various factors like the body area being treated, the number of sessions taken, the applicators used, the individual’s body type, and more. To get the best results, it becomes necessary that you pick the right cosmetology and wellness centre, consult the wellness expert and prepare a cryolipolysis treatment package that suits your budget. 

How Do I Know If Cryolipolysis Would Suit Me? 

Those with an ideal BMI can be treated. Subcutaneous fat can be treated with cryolipolysis, not visceral fat.  It is more of a body contouring treatment and not a weight loss treatment plan and is not a way to tackle obesity. Before, you could take up the cryolipolysis treatment research well, talk with your doctors, and take the best suggestions of the physicians. 

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Hope the above blog gave you insights into everything you need to know about cryolipolysis treatment. Are you willing to take a cryolipolysis treatment? Then get in touch with us through our website or leave a comment below. 

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