What is Body Contouring? Types and Their [5 Benefits]

what is body contouring

We want to feel and look our best, which is attainable through regular exercise and consuming nutritious food. However, despite putting in 100% effort, most of us require extra help to lose stubborn fat in some parts of our bodies. 

The good news is that the VeCura Wellness Clinic offers a few non-invasive ways of eliminating this fat to help you feel healthy and look your best self! Sounds great, right? Let’s find out how!

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring, or body sculpting, is a safe and effective way to lose extra fat and shape your body. It is a fat-freezing method, that is a non-invasive or nonsurgical procedure. It is an FDA-approved procedure performed by our certified experts. In a nutshell, it involves processes that can: 

  • Remove excess fat,
  • It helps in permanent fat reduction
  • It can help you get the look you want. It is a revolutionary treatment called Cool Tone, that helps to stimulate and enhance natural muscle, and muscle tightening. 
  • Reshape and contour a specific body part.

Instead of helping you lose weight, body contouring involves shaping the body and focusing on reducing fat in a specific body part where weight loss is ineffective. 

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What are the Types of Body Contouring? 

Body contouring procedures can be divided into non-surgical and surgical. Following are the different types of body contouring: 

1) Non-Surgical 

Non-surgical body contouring is also termed “lipolysis.” The following methods can be undertaken under lipolysis: 

  • Cryolipolysis: Cryolipolysis, also known as cool sculpting, is a safe process that uses cooling technology to freeze stubborn fat in specific areas of your body. The cooled cells subsequently begin to shrink and are excreted from the body via the liver over a few months.
  • Laser Lipolysis: In this process, lasers are used to eliminate the extra fat cells. It includes several treatments, which are as follows: 

2) Heat Treatment

The temperature of the fat cells’ intermolecular space rises during heat therapy. It promotes fat removal and binds fat between muscles and tissues. Later, by lymphatic drainage, these fat cells will dissolve. At VeCura Wellness, heat therapy is performed by well-certified and trained experts. VeCura’s Cellulite heat therapy will help to burn calories and reduce fat. 

3) Luminous Therapy

Another method for slimming down and contouring the body is light treatment, which uses low-irradiance lasers that emit red, blue, and infrared light. This enters the skin by one to two inches. This causes the cells to become active and the fat cells to die. Additionally, it has been discovered that light treatment improves skin radiance, blood circulation, and metabolism. The Photo Pulsation Chamber( PPC) treatment at VeCura helps to enhance metabolism and activate cells and blood circulation. It is one of the best light treatments in Chennai, offered per your requirements, and delivers the desired results. 

4) Ultrasound Therapy 

Sonic waves are used in this process to disintegrate the fat cell walls and reduce the size of the fat cell deposits. Ultratone Futura Pro and ultrasonic liposuction are the two different types of ultrasound therapy. It is a perfectly safe, non-invasive process. At VeCura, the treatment is performed by certified experts, is a non-invasive procedure, and is one of the best treatments for weight loss provided in Chennai. 

  • Radiofrequency lipolysis: Radiofrequency lipolysis targets fat cells using ultrasound pulses and heat.

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5) Surgical 

There are a few options available even for those who wish to opt for surgical ways of contouring their body.

  • Lifts and Tucks are surgical treatments that remove excess fat and skin. Tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), facelifts (rhytidectomy), breast lifts (mastopexy), and double chin surgery are among the examples.
  • Liposuction (lipo) is a procedure that suctions fat deposits out.

5 Benefits of Body Contouring 

People choose to get their bodies sculpted for many different reasons. While some people desire a thinner and slimmer look, some may just want a healthier lifestyle. Studies have shown how body contouring helped people with high cholesterol reduce their triglycerides by 43%. No matter the reason, the benefits of body sculpting are many, and they are for all. Let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of body contouring.

1) Safe Techniques 

Body shaping procedures have been used for decades, and the techniques are constantly being refined. The dangers involved in body contouring are eliminated by introducing new and safe methods like cryolipolysis or cool sculpting offered by VeCura Wellness Clinic, where you’ll be in the hands of expert doctors with years of experience. 

2) Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

Expensive creams and wraps can temporarily alleviate extra skin, but nothing beats the results of body sculpting techniques. Treatments like cool sculpting can contour your body and experience actual results. Most people have been able to get rid of their stubborn fat and have experienced,

  • Body components that are more distinct and well-shaped.
  • Younger and slimmer appearance.
  • Skin that is smoother.
  • Improvement in symptoms.

3) Long-Lasting Results

Body sculpting procedures, even the non-invasive ones, can give you long-lasting results. After the process, you can maintain your body shape just by regular exercise and following a nutritious diet. Post the treatment; you can leave behind all the horrors of saggy skin and unnecessary fat forever!

4) Faster Recovery Time

Non-invasive body contouring eliminates the need for the body to mend abrasions. Certain body shaping treatments will leave you entirely healed and with apparent effects within a day. It is a simple walk-in/walk-out therapy that results in fantastic and long-lasting results if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. This involves eating a well-balanced diet, getting regular exercise, and staying hydrated with water. This will assist you in maximising and maintaining results.

5) Easily Accessible To All

Some patients may be unable to undertake significant invasive treatments because they have vulnerable blood problems or weakened immune systems. Certain bodily characteristics may also prevent someone from undergoing surgical procedures. On the other hand, body contouring can benefit everyone, regardless of weight, size, or shape.

What is the Best Body Contouring Procedure?

Cool sculpting, or cryolipolysis is one of the most popular and effective body contouring procedures. Studies have shown how that cool sculpting reduced fats by over 20-25%, which is a significant number. VeCura’s contouring procedure is the safest way to get rid of your excess fat and contour your body. 

Here is a Step-By-Step Process of How VeCura’s Specialists Carry Out The Cool Sculpting Technique: 

  • First, the area that requires treatment is marked onto which a coat of gel is applied. 
  • The cooling applicator is now put over the indicated region and draws the layer of fat in via a vacuum seal.
  • It now gradually decreases the temperature in the fat layer until the fat freezes over and crystals form. 

The body spontaneously eliminates dead fat cells within 1 – 2 months. As a result, you should anticipate losing 20–25 percent of your body fat within 90 days of treatment.

Why Should You Choose VeCura’s Cool Sculpting?

Following are the benefits of cool sculpting offered by VeCura: 

  • Advanced Body Contouring Treatment
  • Non-Invasive Procedure
  • No Risks Or Side Effects
  • Treatment Duration Is Less Than An Hour
  • Effective Results In Single Session
  • Works For Multiple Body Parts
  • No Recovery Period, Zero Downtime

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Cool sculpting allows you to remove pockets of stubborn fat and achieve the look you wish. This technique works based on the simple understanding that cold can kill fat cells. Hence, cryo (cold) lipo (fat) lysis (destruction) effectively freezes your fat cells and kills them. The development of such safe and effective techniques has aided people in losing weight more effectively. 

Are you looking to get the cryolipolysis treatment and contour your body? VeCura Wellness Centre is the best place for you to find everything you need. You can read more about them and book an appointment.

What are your thoughts on body contouring and the treatments offered? Let us know in the comments below!

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