How Can A Vegan Diet Help You Lose Weight?

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How Can A Vegan Diet Help You Lose Weight

Are you planning to switch to a vegan diet for weight loss? Before you shop for fancy vegan dips and walk through aisles looking for almond milk, there’s a lot to consider. This blog post will give you a fair idea about vegan diets for weight loss and how to go about it.

People decide to go vegan for a lot of reasons. While some may become one for ethical reasons (for the animals) or environmental reasons (yes, going vegan can have an impact on the environment), most people these days switch to a vegan diet for health reasons. Again, out of the many health-related reasons, becoming vegan to reduce weight is a common trend.

Veganism promotes a nutrient-rich plant-based diet by cutting down on all animal products. Many foods derived from animals are heavy in fat and calories, and cutting them out from your everyday foods can help in weight loss for some people. It’s best advised to consult your doctor before making a major lifestyle change like this.

Make sure you read until the end of the blog to learn more about how can a vegan diet help you lose weight. We have also answered a few common questions regarding this subject at the end of the blog. 

Is A Vegan Diet A Healthy Choice For Weight Loss?

The short and simple answer to this question is a YES. A vegan diet can be a healthy choice for weight loss if done properly. 

We get it; how can not drinking milk and eating chicken be considered healthy? That’s where all the nutrition is! Right? Don’t worry, your doubt is valid. 

Just like any other diet, a vegan diet must be followed correctly. According to research, eating a plant-based diet provides considerable health benefits if done right. A plant-based diet, when followed correctly, reduces the usage of oils, added sugars, and processed foods, leaving only whole foods to offer nourishment. This enhances nutrient intake while essentially eliminating foods that can cause health problems.

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Emphasising whole plant foods, including vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, is the key to a balanced vegan diet. You can’t expect to lose weight by munching on Doritos or vegan sausage rolls, as they are equally unhealthy. 

While vegan diets based on whole foods are often higher in some nutrients, poorly planned diets can lead to deficiencies in several important nutrients like vitamin B12, niacin, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin D, calcium, iodine, selenium, or zinc. 

Overall, the effectiveness of a vegan diet for weight loss completely depends on how well you plan your meals. There are no downsides to a vegan diet, but one has to consciously increase calcium and protein-rich foods to meet the daily requirements. 

Dieting 101: What Foods To Eat And Avoid

If you decide to go vegan in an attempt to lose weight, you must have a clear understanding of what kinds of foods to eat and what not to. 

Here’s a brief list of the same.

Best Vegan Foods For Weight Loss

  • Blueberries: Despite being so tiny, blueberries are super helpful when it comes to weight loss. At only 80 calories per cup, they are the ideal satisfying dessert for anyone trying to lose weight.
  • Nori- Remember that seaweed that wraps sushi rolls? It’s a perfect vegan snack. Nori is a sea vegetable predominantly used in sushis.  It has a relatively low calorie and fat content and is incredibly high in protein and dietary fibre. Five sheets of nori can make for a good snack.
  • Quinoa: The quinoa grain functions more like a vegetable and a protein than a grain. And since it is high in protein, fibre, and vitamins, even a modest serving of a bowl of quinoa can keep you full for a long.
  • Portobello mushrooms: In addition to being terrific on the grill, they also taste great when sliced up in a salad or mixed with grains. Thanks to their delicious flavor and meaty texture, these mushrooms are the ideal low-calorie alternative to burger patties.
  • Apples: Its combination of sweetness and crunchiness eliminates the need for calorie-dense candy bars or chips. Apples also have rich water and fibre content that adds more volume to the stomach.
  • Hummus: The not-so-fancy vegan dip is very much doable. Hummus is stuffed with a whole lot of fibre, protein, and carbs, keeping you satisfied and full for several hours. From a basic veggie salad dressing to a side for sandwiches, hummus is your go-to!
  • Nuts: Yes, nuts can help in weight loss. Nuts contain protein and healthy monounsaturated fats that help to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Also, nuts are very satisfying, especially when craving a crunchy snack. You can add some walnuts or almonds to your yogurt and salads for that nutty flavor!

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Vegan Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

You should avoid all kinds of animal products and any animal-related products when on a vegan diet. Foods like meat, eggs, dairy, poultry, seafood, and bee products like honey should be avoided. 

Additionally, some versions of bread, dark chocolate, candies, beer, and wine may also contain animal products. It’s always good to check the ingredients before buying any food item.

Apart from these, here’s a list of vegan foods to avoid if you are on a diet to lose weight

  • Vegan junk food: Generally, vegan versions of ice cream, sweets, cookies, chips, and sauces have the same amount of added sugar and fat. Moreover, they almost have no vitamins and minerals in them, making them an unhealthy choice. 
  • Mock meats and vegan cheeses: These processed foods are loaded with additives. Compared to whole plant foods like beans, lentils, peas, nuts, and seeds, they also provide you with significantly fewer vitamins and minerals.
  • Vegan protein bars: Honestly, they aren’t as healthy as they sound! These protein bars are so full of sugar and don’t contain that many healthy ingredients. They also include an isolated form of protein devoid of the nutrients that are usually present in actual plant-based foods. 

5 Tips For Weight Loss On A Vegan Diet

You can follow these tips for healthy dieting

1. Make sure you get the necessary amount of calories for the day

Although creating a calorie deficit is crucial for weight loss, adhering to extremely low-calorie diets is not advisable. Calorie deficits can be damaging to your health and result in physical changes that can make long-term weight maintenance difficult.

2. Avoid binging on vegan desserts

Make sure you eat vegan desserts in moderation. These store-bought vegan desserts can contain a lot of refined sugar and additives that can add to unhealthy calories. Aside from making you gain weight, sugar can actually mess with your metabolism and cause other health problems, including high blood pressure, inflammation, etc. Grab a fruit if you crave something sweet!

3. Limit your intake of meat substitutes

Vegan meat alternatives often contain high levels of salt, processed carbs, and other unhealthy elements. Consider creating your own plant-based proteins like black bean salads and more.

4. Eat smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day

Large portions of food consumed in 2-3 sittings can result in overeating and bloating. This can lessen your stamina and productivity during the day. Instead, frequent snacks and smaller meals can help you feel full longer and speed up your metabolism.

5. Lastly, load up on veggies and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vital nutrients like fibre, vitamins, and minerals. To increase your nutrient intake, include cooked vegetables and fresh fruits in your meals and snacks. 

VeCura Wellness’s Solution To Weight Loss

Though dieting and exercising can encourage weight loss to a certain extent, they are not permanent solutions. VeCura Wellness offers you The Premier Plus Weight Loss plan for easy and safe weight loss. 

The Premier Plus Weight Loss plan includes a number of treatments that can boost metabolism, burn calories, and even help tone the body. A set of scientific equipment is used to administer each of these treatments. The treatments include a vibrating probe to help improve metabolism, a lymphatic massage, and even a steam to help burn those extra calories towards the end.

The wellness expert at VeCura will assist and guide you through the entire process, step by step. The outcome of each session or treatment varies from person to person. But on average, one can expect to lose almost 1kg after a session. Isn’t that great?

Here are reasons why you should choose VeCura Wellness for your weight loss needs

  • 100% safe and scientific treatments 
  • A personalised consultation with the Wellness Experts 
  • Session-based treatments 
  • No downtime post-treatments 
  • FDA-approved equipment


Going vegan in order to lose weight can be a critical decision as it involves making major changes to your diet. However, with proper planning and conscious alterations, a vegan diet can prove to be very beneficial in your weight loss journey. Since you get to avoid foods like processed foods, meat, and dairy products, which are frequently rich in calories and poor in other nutrients, a vegan diet can be a good option for eating healthy.

It’s always good to consult your doctor or dietitian before you make the switch. And when you actually go vegan, make sure you get your proteins and B vitamins!

If you’re a vegan who’s looking to shed some pounds, you are more than welcome to VeCura Wellness, where we will provide you with a custom vegan diet plan to meet your weight loss goals. 

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FAQs on vegan diet weight loss

  1. Can vegan diet help reduce belly fat?

If you are following a vegan diet to reduce belly fat, consuming a lot of fibre-rich foods is preferable. Fibre can keep you feeling full for a longer time and support your heart and gut health. Since you won’t feel hungry that often, vegan diets can also help reduce belly fat considerably.

  1. How much weight can you lose on a vegan diet?

If you follow a whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet, you can lose up to 2 to 3 pounds every week and maintain them consistently. This is possible only if you follow a very balanced, nutrient-rich vegan diet along with working out/exercising regularly. 

  1. Do vegans lose weight naturally?

A vegan diet avoids sugars, chemicals, and preservatives usually present in processed foods. As a result, vegans naturally cut down on calories from processed foods. However, weight loss through vegan diets is only fully achievable if you follow a WFPB diet.

  1. Can you drink coffee on a plant-based diet?

Yes, you absolutely can. Black coffee or milk coffee (with vegan milk alternatives), the choice is yours. Drinking coffee can be a healthy part of your vegan diet. It contains a lot of antioxidants and B vitamins.

  1. What happens to your body when you switch to a vegan diet?

In addition to increasing your levels of vitamins, minerals, and fibre, substituting meat and animal products in your diet with plant-based whole grains, pulses, healthy oils, and nuts reduces your intake of unhealthy processed meats and fats. This can automatically help in maintaining a healthy body.

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