What is Sustainable Weight Loss? [6 Benefits]

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what is sustainable weight loss

Weight loss is the way to health and fitness for many who are overweight and obese. It is also a way to develop a toned and enhanced outlook. But unfortunately, for ages, there has been the all-or-none rule and the hard and fast rule about losing weight. People either go on strict and restricted diets or stop it altogether and start binge eating.

This is one of the biggest mistakes in a weight loss journey. It makes the weight loss journey hard and offers little to no results or benefits. Rather than developing a stringent rule, it is best to develop a sustainable weight loss plan. If you plan to lose weight, this blog will help you understand why you need to carry out a sustainable weight loss plan and its benefits.

What is Sustainable Weight Loss? 

Sustainable weight loss is one of the best ways to lose weight that will aid you in the long run. Sustainable weight loss is developing a diet and workout pattern that a person can continue to carry out throughout their life and not just till their weight loss goal is reached. 

Sustainable weight loss is the best way of losing weight because it is steady and consistent and makes sure that the weight loss is irreversible and you do not put on the lost weight again. 

In a sustainable weight loss plan, individuals do not cut down on their favorite meals or snacks and restrict themselves from eating them completely. Rather, they develop a much more mindful way of consuming food by incorporating entities like portion control, eating a balanced diet, a consistent workout routine, and more. 

Losing 2 to 4 pounds in a month is a weight loss plan and making sure that you do not put on the lost weight again is a sustainable weight loss plan. 

Benefits of Sustainable Weight Loss

1) It Helps Save a Lot of Money

When you indulge in sustainable weight loss, you will tend to start eating healthier in the long run. This will indeed help you save up the money that you spend on happy meals and frequent takeaways. Not only will you lose weight, but you also get to save up a lot of weight. Isn’t it a win-win situation on the whole?

2) Improves Sleep Patterns and Reduces Stress 

It has been found that stress is one of the biggest contributory factors to weight gain. Sustainable weight loss of 5 to 10 % of the body weight is found to lower blood pressure levels. This reduces the stress levels of an individual and promotes the release of calming chemicals that can boost the mind and body. 

To those having trouble falling asleep, there is nothing better than taking up sustainable weight loss. Did you know that weight loss is also found to reduce snoring while sleeping? Obesity is one of the main reasons for snoring and disturbed sleep. 

Reducing the consumption of high saturated fats and processed food can reduce the secretion of stress hormones, thereby reducing stress and improving the quality of sleep. 

3) It is one of the Healthiest Ways to Lose Weight

There are numerous diet patterns that are being followed by many people who want to lose weight. Most often, losing weight through various means like high-calorie deficit diets, keto diets, intermittent fasting, and raw food diets can lead to losing weight, but then again, it comes with a cost. These diets may not suit everyone. There is a high chance of diets going wrong for people with chronic conditions or other health conditions. If left unaddressed can taper down on the immunity and damage the immune system. 

Sustainable weight loss is the healthiest way to lose weight and does not have any side effects attached to it. Sustainable weight loss is by far one of the proven healthiest ways to lose weight. 

4) You Do Not Have To Strain Yourself 

When you carry out a rigorous workout and stringent diet plan, you are putting your body and yourself under great pressure. And, It is a well-known fact that losing weight is not an easy task. 

When you carry out any other weight loss plan that gives rapid results, you lose weight quickly, but you tend to put on the lost weight again. In which case, all the efforts that you put into losing weight go off with no use. 

In losing weight through a sustainable weight loss plan, you will be carrying out mild alterations to your eating habits and gradually continue to make improvements to them.

You can also start with a workout plan that fits your schedule and slowly incorporate it into your everyday life. Losing weight really doesn’t have to come with a lot of hardships, and you don’t have to strain yourself with sustainable weight loss. 

5) Improves The Overall Health and Well Being 

Sustainable weight loss is found to boost an individual’s energy levels to a great extent. This can be because of the healthy lifestyle habits that an individual develops as a part of the sustainable weight loss journey. 

When you make workouts a part of your everyday routine, it will boost your energy levels like nothing else can. A healthy and balanced diet that you consume will help get rid of toxins and detoxify your body and system. This will, in turn, make you feel good. 

It is found that sustainable weight loss is found to reduce blood pressure levels to optimal levels. It is also found to reduce the risk of illnesses like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, joint pains, and cancer. 

Sustainable weight loss is proven to aid greatly in improving mental well being as well as a healthy diet, and regular exercises can secrete happy hormones to keep the mind intact. 

6) Sustainable Weight Loss Helps in the Long Run

There are numerous diet patterns with high-calorie deficits that do aid in weight loss. But if they work in the long run is a question because weight loss is reversible. According to research by Medical Clinics of North America, within 2 years of losing weight, people tend to regain more than 50% of the lost weight.

Losing weight rapidly and following a strict diet plan can aid for a short time. But how long will you be able to continue the same diet and workout plan? When you get back to normal eating habits, you will tend to put on the lost weight. To help avoid this, it is best to develop a sustainable weight loss plan where you will continue to carry out a healthy eating and exercise pattern that you can conveniently carry out for the rest of your life. 

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