8 Delicious Oats Recipes For Weight Loss [Easy Breakfast]

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oats recipes for weight loss

Are you looking for an easy yet delightful way to lose weight? We have a superfood for you! It can be customised and made into different tastier recipes. It starts with the letter ‘O’ and makes you go, Oh WOW! You would have guessed it by now! Yes, it is- Oats!

Oats have gained popularity in recent years because of their benefits to overall well-being and since they aid in weight management. We have given 8 delicious and easy-peasy oats recipes for weight loss in this blog, and make sure you try them. 

Oats And Weight Loss- What’s The Connection?

Oats have emerged as a powerful weight loss food and are recommended by doctors and nutritionists for their numerous beneficial properties. Before going into how oats help in weight loss, what causes weight gain? Consuming more calories, having unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity and hormonal imbalance. 

Oats can support weight loss by reducing appetite, stabilising blood sugar levels, reducing overall calorie intake, preventing bloating, and reducing the feeling of unhealthy snacking. However, it is clever to rely upon exercising, a balanced diet and oatmeal as a combination while walking towards a weight transformational journey. 

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Top 8 Oats Recipes For Weight Loss [Easy Breakfast]

Here are the eight most-anticipated, simple and affordable oat recipes you can make at home for weight loss.

8. Oats Khichdi

Do you sulk looking at the khichdi your mother makes for breakfast? Not anymore! With the goodness of oats and the added lentils and vegetables, it is a wholesome dish you would never want to miss. 

oats khichdi
Oats Khichdi

How Does Oats Khichdi Help in Weight Loss? 

  • Oats and lentils in khichdi are excellent sources of fibre and create a feeling of fullness, thus reducing appetite and preventing overeating. 
  • Combining oats, lentils and vegetables in khichdi help sustain energy levels throughout the day, thus reducing unhealthy snacking and overeating. 
  • Oats khichdi helps in healthy digestion, thus reducing constipation, bloating and discomfort, often associated with weight gain. 

7. Oats Salad

Level up your salad game by adding the super ingredient, oats! Combine oats with your colourful vegetables, add aromatic spices and opt for a tangy dressing for a bowl of weight loss weapons. 

oats salad
Oats Salad

How Does Oats Salad Help in Weight Loss?

  • The vibrant mix of vegetables and oats has essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium, and folate, that maintain your body’s well-being and ensures it receives the maximum nourishment during weight loss.
  • The hydration content in salads aid in reducing water retention and bloating, making you feel lighter and thus helping in weight loss. 

6. Oats Kheer

Kheer can aid in weight gain. Do you want to give a guilt-free twist to your favourite Indian dessert? Make oats kheer by replacing rice with oats and high-fat milk with low-fat milk. Why would you miss this healthy alternative that doesn’t compromise taste and satisfaction?

oats kheer
Oats Kheer

How Does Oats Kheer Help in Weight Loss?

  • It has low-calorie content and is a perfect option to enjoy dessert without gaining weight.
  • Incorporating oats in kheer speeds digestion, promotes satiety, and improves overall gut health, preventing weight gain.

5. Oats Smoothie

Why have regular smoothies with high sugar when you can take a healthy oats smoothie? Kickstart your morning with the nutritious oats smoothie, packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Some varieties include banana and oats smoothie, berry blast oats smoothie, chocolate peanut butter, tropical oats smoothie, etc.

oats smoothie
Oats Smoothie

How Does Oats Smoothie Help in Weight Loss?

  • It is a valuable addition to weight loss or weight management plans since being rich in fibre.
  • It is a good source of essential nutrients and contains antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress and inflammation that might aid in weight gain. 

4. Oats Paratha

Can we bring a healthy fusion to the Indian flatbread? Add oats flour to your next paratha mix and get wholesome stuffed parathas that aid in weight loss. We bet you would have never tasted this delicious dish, ever! Pair it with yoghurt, raita, pickles or chutneys for a balanced meal. 

oats paratha
Oats Paratha

How Does Oats Paratha Help in Weight Loss?

  • It helps control calorie intake by making you feel full after having it, thus supporting weight loss. 
  • Oats parathas have reduced refined flour content. Oats flour is whole grain and contains more fibre, vitamins, minerals and nutritional value that supports weight loss. 

3. Oats Egg Omelette

Traditional omelettes can help with weight gain. If you want to include eggs in a healthier option, give a twist to it and make an oats egg omelette! The enhanced nutritional profile and additional fibre support weight loss. 

oats egg omelette
Oats Egg Omelette

How Does Oats Egg Omelette Help in Weight Loss?

  • Eggs are an essential source of protein and promote the feeling of fullness. Incorporating oats into your omelette helps boost the protein content, aiding in weight loss. 
  • It has balanced macronutrients, including protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, which help you manage your appetite, thus preventing you from overeating. 

2. Overnight Oats 

Are you looking for a simple breakfast for weight loss option that is easy to prepare? You should try overnight oatmeal! Soaking the oats in milk, yoghurt or plant-based milk overnight and topping it with fruits, nuts, etc., is a popular weight loss dish. 

overnight oats 
Overnight Oats 

How Do Overnight Oats Help in Weight Loss?

1. Oatmeal Banana Pancake

Give your regular pancake a break and opt for a healthier version, the oatmeal banana pancake, that supports weight loss. Prepare a batter by blending oats, ripened bananas, and other ingredients. Tada! Your goodness portion is ready to cook and serve!

oatmeal banana pancake
Oatmeal Banana Pancake

How Does Oatmeal Banana Pancake Help in Weight Loss?

  • By substituting refined flour with oats flour, you reduce calorie intake, which aids in weight loss. 
  • It offers vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants per serving. Bananas and oats add a good source of nutrients, making way for healthier weight loss. 

Benefits Of Oats For Weight Loss!

Power-packed with essential nutrients, oats nourish your body and help maintain an ideal weight. Here are the benefits of oats for weight loss.

  • Oats are fibre-rich food that gives the feeling of fullness, thus reducing appetite in individuals.
  • Oats have a low-calorie count, making them a nutrient-dense choice for weight loss.
  • Oats get digested slowly, making way for the steady release of energy, thus reducing blood sugar spikes.
  • Oats regulate blood sugar levels, reducing the craving for unhealthy snacks and sweets.
  • Oats expand the stomach and create the feeling of fullness, thus preventing overeating
  • Oats have the necessary nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, that aid in weight loss.
  • Oats lower cholesterol levels, thus reducing body weight and heart disease risk.
  • Oats are versatile and can be experimented with in various recipes. Therefore, it turns the weight loss journey into a tasty and satisfying one. 

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At last, we have found a fantastic strategy to reduce weight! By incorporating oats into our daily diet, weight management becomes more accessible. By exploring the oats recipes, you can embark on a healthy journey towards your weight loss goals. 

Oats are versatile, and you can experiment with the flavours, spices, and ingredients to keep your oatmeal more exciting and satisfying. So, make way towards a nutritional path for a healthy weight loss journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is the best way to eat oats for weight loss?

For weight loss, you should choose plain and unsweetened oats without added flavours or sugars. By cooking them with water or low-fat milk and adding nutrient-rich toppings like fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, you can use them for effective weight loss. It is necessary to avoid excessive sweeteners or high-calorie toppings.

2) Do oats reduce belly fat?

Oats do not specifically reduce belly fat, but it is a valuable addition to a balanced weight-loss diet. Oats are rich in high fibre and have low calories, aiding in weight loss. Combining oats with a healthy and regular diet can reduce body weight.

3) Are oats better with water or milk?

Choosing between water and milk depends on and is based on personal preferences and dietary needs. If you want your oatmeal to be light and more calorie-friendly, you can add water, and it is suitable for those aiming for low-calorie intake. You can add milk if you want your oatmeal to be creamy, rich and additional protein.

4) Can you have oats every day?

You can have oats daily since they are a nutritious whole grain with immense health benefits. It has high-fibre, essential vitamins and minerals that help support weight management, promote heart disease and improve digestion.

5) Is it necessary to soak oats?

It is optional to soak oats for consumption all the time. It can be cooked raw and taken if you have less time. Soaking softens oats’ texture and makes them easier to cook. It also improves digestibility since immersing releases the natural enzymes that make them more nutritious.

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