8 Interesting Facts You Should Know About CoolSculpting

Facts You Should Know About CoolSculpting

Coolsculpting is your new best friend. It helps achieve your fat loss goals effortlessly; It is the world’s No.1 non-invasive fat reduction and body contouring technology. It is a treatment that helps reduce fat in stubborn areas of your body.

 It is an innovative way of contouring excess body fat and giving a healthy body shape. It carries fewer risks compared to liposuction procedures by freezing excessive fat. After the fat is frozen, the cooling technology targets the fat stubborn cells and leaves other tissues undamaged. 

The CoolSculpting procedure done by certified wellness experts at VeCura Clients helps to reduce 20-25% fat loss within 90 days of treatment. 

The CoolSculpting procedure has a high success and satisfaction rate. VeCura’s cool sculpting procedure helps to eliminate dead fat cells within 1-2 months naturally with zero downtime or recovery. The procedure delivers long-lasting results, and you can expect less fat reduction. 

Let Us Decode Some Myths Regarding CoolSculpting Treatment

  • CoolSculpting is an alternative to weight loss programs: CoolSculpting is a fat reduction method and not a weight reduction method. The procedure contours sections of stubborn fat, bringing a loss in inches. 
  • CoolSculpting affects skin: The procedure helps to freeze the cells underneath the skin and doesn’t harm the upper layer of the skin. It is a procedure performed with extensive safety measures. 
  • Coolsculpting shows immediate results: It might take 2-3 months of duration to deliver desirable results of eliminating the fat cells. 

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Benefits Of CoolSculptive Treatment Performed At VeCura

  • It is a scientifically proven fat loss procedure and a noninvasive alternate treatment. 
  • Zero downtime and recovery with no medication. 
  • Ability to treat multiple areas like upper arms, stomach, thighs, and more. 
  • It delivers results for permanent fat loss goals. 

Now, Let Us Explore The Interesting Eight Facts Regarding Cool Sculpting Performed at VeCura

8 Interesting Facts You Should Know About CoolSculpting

1. Discovered By Accident

Based on the scientific procedure, Cryolipolisis helps to eliminate fat cells permanently. It has received FDA clearance for fat reduction in the abdomen, flanks, and thighs. It enhances fat reduction procedure, with minimal side effects. 

2. Works For Both Men and Women

Men and women can be ideal candidates to try cool sculpting treatment. But it is not a weight-loss treatment; it is a fat reduction procedure. Research states that fat cells can expand up to 10 times their original size, and an adult has 50 billion fat cells; that’s more than people on Earth. 

 VeCura’s cool sculpting procedure treats fat stubborn areas or fat cell walls and provides a healthy lifestyle. The cool sculpting procedure can reduce fat throughout the body within a single session-based treatment. We suggest clients maintain healthy lifestyle habits for long-lasting results of the treatment. 

Typically, both men and women can see the results like reducing fat in certain areas post treatment within a few days. It is an effective way to eliminate unwanted body fat and get back to routine activities. 

3. It Destroys Fat, Not Tissues

VeCura performs a cool sculpting procedure that targets stubborn fat cells. The fat cells are susceptible to freezing temperatures, and this treatment holds an excellent reputation for fat reduction. Our experts perform the procedure to eliminate fat cells caused due to high insulin sensitivity, and you can rest assured that it will not damage your skin. The cool sculpting procedure remains a popular choice compared to liposuction treatment. The formal name for this procedure is cryolipolysis (“cryo-” meaning “cold”). It means using freezing temperatures to break down fat cells. 

4. Noninvasive Procedure

This is a big one. The cool sculpting procedure at VeCura is not painful, and it has a natural process of metabolism. Liposuction is a surgical procedure associated with recovery time. After the procedure, the body will require recovery time to rebuild all the damaged tissues. In contrast, cool Sculpting is a comfortable procedure. It helps to eliminate fat cells within 1-2 months naturally. 

The coolsculpting process, based on Cryopolisis, is a noninvasive procedure. It uses controlled cooling to reduce subcutaneous fat in the body. It is known for its safety, efficacy, and tolerability of fat reduction procedures. The procedure has minimal side effects known for its long-term durability and long-lasting results. 

5. Technology Makes it Safe and Effective

The innovative procedure of cool Sculpting at VeCura targets only fat stubborn cells. The method is used in multiple clinical case studies and is remarkably effective. It produces scientifically proven results of reducing fat by 20-25% in the affected areas and eliminates dead fat cells. VeCura’s cool sculpting procedure is known for clinically proven tested results that achieve fat reduction goals. 

Safety and efficacy: It is a safe and effective non-surgical procedure that helps to reduce subcutaneous fat. The procedure performed at VeCura is tolerable by patients and helps to deliver promising and long-lasting results. Various issues are resolved spontaneously with the help of adequate procedures. 

6. Can Treat Multiple Areas Of The Body

The coolsculpting procedure at VeCura is ideal for the discretion of fat cells or bulges of the abdomen, stomach, and inner and outer thighs. We are known for being efficient in treating multiple areas, and you will see no changes in your appearance in untreated areas. 

Coolsculpting procedure, based on cryo lipolysis, is a predictable and effective fat reduction procedure that does not cause any skin damage and treats the various parts of the body that require the elimination of fat cells. 

  • Flanks – Imagine the freedom of being able to wear what you want. Coolsculpting helps to treat fat bulges around the areas of your waist, as it will respond well to fat freezing. 
  • Abdomen – It is one of the most popular coolsculpting target areas. We perform an effective procedure to treat the places of fat stubborn cells. 
  • Thighs – A convenient and painless coolsculpting procedure at VeCura helps produce outstanding results on inner and outer thighs. 
  • Upper Arms- Sagging skin can make it challenging to wear sleeveless outfits. The coolsculpting procedure at VeCura eliminates underarm fat and offers sleek, slender arms. 

7. No Downtime

One of the significant advantages of cool sculpting treatment at VeCura involves no downtime. Cool sculpting treatment is a more convenient option than surgical fat reduction procedures. Cool Sculpting produces excellent results of reducing 20-40% fat in the treated area. It helps to remove the fat cells using a natural metabolic process. Patients love that results appear over a few weeks, much like a natural weight loss. Coolsculpting permanently reduces fat in the targeted areas to expect long-lasting results.

8. Minimal Discomfort

Coolsculpting procedure at VeCura is practically painless. Patients report feeling intense cold as soon as treatment begins. It is FDA approved and non-surgical procedure that helps in the fat reduction process. The intelligent technology of cool Sculpting helps allow liquified fat cells to be released slowly. It is known for zero downtime or recovery process. After the frozen fat cells get eliminated, the results become noticeable. It has no cuts, no incisions, and no scars as it is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure. 

CoolSculpting at VeCura is a customizable and innovative treatment that can non-invasively sculpt and contour the fat of specific areas. FDA-approved treatment at VeCura is efficient in treating fat cells in areas like the abdomen, stomach, thighs, and arms. The results that appear over time are worth waiting for. 

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