How To Lose Belly Fat | What Works and What Doesn’t

how to lose belly fat what works and what doesn't

Imagine going on a night out, and you want to wear your favourite bodycon dress. But you really couldn’t because of your belly fat. Well, belly fat is one of the major problems that most of them face. Belly fat can be stubborn and frustrating, but it can definitely be reduced. If you are stuck with stubborn belly fat and looking for ways to reduce it, then go through this blog to learn how to lose belly fat. 

What Works For How To Lose Belly Fat? 

1) Cardio and Resistance Training 

There is nothing better than a combination of cardio and resistance training to help reduce belly fat.

It was found in a study that teenagers who were overweight were made to undergo a combination of strength training and aerobic exercise. This showed a marked reduction in abdominal fat. 

Cardio exercises are well known for burning calories. Cardio exercises can include brisk walking, squats, burpees, crunches, and many other combination workouts. 

Resistance training is also called strength training. Although primarily focused on improving the strength and endurance of the body, resistance training is also highly effective in helping reduce belly fat. 

More than focusing on losing weight, for the time being, make working out a part of your lifestyle. It is highly recommended to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Try a combination of cardio and resistance training on how to lose belly fat and stay fit. 

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2) Alter The Diet 

A diet intake is the most important factor in developing a healthy outlook. An improper diet can cause an accumulation of excess fat in your body. 

Eating soluble fibre and food rich in proteins is the key to reducing belly fat and giving your body the nutrition that it deserves. 

Avoid foods that have trans fat in them. Fast foods and fried foods have high trans fat in them and do not hold any nutritional value. This, in turn, causes the accumulation of fat in your belly. Trans food also makes it hard to lose belly fat. 

Consider eating healthy food rich in wholesome nutrients, probiotic supplements, fatty fish, whole grains and green leafy vegetables to reduce your belly fat. 


3) Nothing Better Than A Goodnight’s Sleep

Lack of sleep can do more harm than you can imagine. It is found that individuals who sleep less than 5 hours at night are at huge risk of overweight and obesity. 

Lack of sleep can exhaust an individual, and this will cause a lack of physical activity. It is also stated that sleep deprivation causes neurohormonal changes, and this increases the caloric intake of a person.

Developing a good sleep pattern and getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night can aid you greatly in reducing your belly fat. 

4) Give Intermittent Fasting A Try


Intermittent fasting has been shown to work well in dealing with obesity and losing belly fat. Intermittent fasting is a diet pattern where an individual will waiver between periods of eating and fasting.

In a study, it was found that intermittent fasting is effective in regulating fat loss and people who undergo intermittent fasthow to ing witnessed a 4 to 7 % decrease in abdominal fat. 

Consult a doctor or a dietician before you can take up intermittent fasting and see if it works for you in losing belly fat. 

What Doesn’t Work For How To Lose Belly Fat? 

1) Reduce Sugar and Carbs Intake


Excess sugar and carbs are the two main culprits which cause belly fat and it doesn’t help loose belly fat.  If you want to lose belly fat, then it is essential that you cut down on processed sugar and carbs. 

When you consume excess carbs, there is the secretion of excess glucose. Given that your body doesn’t make use of this extra glucose, it gets accumulated and stored in the abdomen as fat. Reducing the carb intake has been found to reduce belly fat to great extents.

Consuming excess sugar aids no good as it causes an overload of fructose, and this turns into belly fat. 

Avoiding sugar and carb intake can help in losing belly fat effectively

2) Work On The Stress 

Stress is not just the right thing to procure or experience and you will never loose belly fat if you are stressed all the time.  When you are stressed, the body will secrete a stress hormone called cortisol. This hormone is found to increase the appetite and is also a major factor in belly fat storage.



You must reduce your stress levels by indulging in mindfulness and meditation. To reduce stressful thoughts, make mindfulness a part of your daily routine and life. Work on the stress to lose belly fat. 

3) Avoid Alcohol and Soft Drinks. 

Did you know that consuming alcohol and soft drinks can be one of the biggest contributory factors to belly fat? If you are someone who survives on soft drinks and goes on drinking sprees, then you need to know that it doesn’t help in losing belly fat.  When you over-consume alcohol and aerated drinks, your liver works hard to burn the alcohol content and soda content in your body. 

This will leave your liver overworked and won’t aid you in burning calories. It is also given that men who consume alcohol are more likely to build upon belly fat because they have less amount of subcutaneous fat in their abdomen. If you are not a social drinker, then it is time that you stopped doing some good to your abdomen. 

Coolsculpting Works Like A Charm 

To achieve a permanent fat loss solution in belly fat, cryoliposis treatment works like a charm.

Cryoliposis is a non-invasive, fat-freezing method that helps reduce stubborn fat in various parts of the body. It is an FDA-approved technique, and it is safe to carry out. 

In the cryolipolysis treatment, the fat cells are exposed to extremely low and cold temperatures and frozen. Cryolipolysis is highly effective. There is no downtime or recovery period involved after the procedure. 

Cryoliposis aids about 27% fat reduction and is a permanent fat loss solution. The procedure is completely non-surgical and non-invasive. 

The above are a few proven techniques to reduce belly fat effectively. If you are determined to lose your belly fat, then go ahead and try the above techniques. 

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